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Thursday, Apr 05, 2018 - 7:30 PM
Partner of the evening: 

Libres ensemble

with Yao, Samian, Joy and Caylah

Libres ensemble is a spoken-word arts performance currently touring Ontario with the aims of bringing to a wider audience an appreciation for this genre that blends performance poetry with music, and of spreading a message of intercultural understanding and openness.   

The four artists performing at the CCF on April 5th come from unique, layered backgrounds, offering a vivid representation of the francophone world’s rich mosaic. Joy, from Belgium, has Italian and Burundian roots; Yao, is Franco-ontarian, Ottawa-based artist with roots in the Ivory Coast. Samian, is a Quebecois with French-Canadian and Algonquin heritage;  and Caylah is from Madagascar.  Through spoken word, they convey experience, emotion, imagination, and social commentary with the fluidity of poetry, using rhythm and sound with a poet’s whim and expressiveness. 

Libres ensemble is a project from L’Organisation Internationale de la Francophonie, in partnership with the Office of Francophone Affairs of the Ontario Government. The four artists combined their creativity to write a powerful text that celebrates linguistic diversity and that encourages sharing. The project aims to advocate intercultural relations in the hope of offering a peaceful and multicultural future. This high quality show was performed at the 16th Sommet de la francophonie in Madagascar, in front of many Francophone world leaders including Justin Trudeau.

Music is at the forefront of this performance and will be appreciated by non-French speakers as well as Francophones. Information about the artists' texts will be printed so that all can fully experience the message of engagement and inclusion.

Come join us for an evening of unique and engaging poetry on April 5th at 7:30PM at the Centre Culturel Frontenac.


Here is an excerpt of the show, preformed by Yao, Caylah and Joy at the Sommet de la francophonie.