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Rules to submit an article

  1. Please respect deadlines.DeadlineNumberMonthsPublication Dates                    
  2. L’Informel is limited to 8 pages. The earlier you send your articles in, the higher the chances it will be published.
  3. Do not send articles with illustrated texts, logos or photos. We need articles that are:
    • Plain text
    • Without justification, bold, italic or other formatting
    • In Times New Roman or Arial in 12 pt
    • No images or logos
    • The first line of your article must include a title and the second line must simply indicate the authors name
  4. The article cannot contain more than 400 words.
  5. Articles must be written in the French language. L’Informel will accept all articles that is judged of interest to its readers. If the article is written in a language other than French, the author must present a professional French translation at its own costs. Only the French translation will be published but the original article will be mentioned.
  6. You have carte blanche when it comes to the themes you wish to address. Talk about restaurant experiences, concert critiques, theatre appreciations or travel notes. Be creative!
  7. High resolution photos are accepted in JPG format. No photos within a Word document will be accepted. Please clearly identify those who are in the photos.

Advertisement rules & prices

  • L’Informel does not have any political or religious allegiances.
  • L’Informel respects the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms, the Human Rights Code of Ontario, the Access to Information Law, the Privacy Act of Canada and will not publish articles that are hateful or defamatory.
  • Only the Director of the CCF can determine and/or change the deadlines. The executive committee of the Centre culturel Frontenac and/or the Director can publish a special edition if they judge necessary and if the budget permits.
  • Only the Board of directors can amend these rules.
  • The advertising content must be primarily in French.
  • Advertising contracts:
    • In order to guaranty advertising space, the organization must deliver a signed adversing contract before the deadline of the desired edition.
    • As for annual agreements, the contract will have to be delivered before the deadline of the first edition. Organization can bring changes to graphics during the year as long as they respect individual deadlines.
  • Ads must be in either JPG or PDF format. No other formats will be accepted.
  • It is the responsibility of the organization to verify the ads content, information and quality.
  • The advertising placement can only be guaranteed once the payment has been made.


Different formats and prices:

FormatMeasurementsIssueAnualSavings*Full Page26.4cm x 35.6cm$150$638$1122/326.4cm x 23.7cm$135$574$1011/2 Horizontal26.4cm x 17.8cm$115$489$861/2 vertical13.2cm x 35.60$115$489$861/326.4cm x 11.85cm$105$446$791/413.4cm x 17.8cm$85$361$641/613.2cm x 11.85$50$213$37Business card13.2cm x 6.60cm$35$149$26